What are the terms of loans for those in debt?

About 41 percent of Polish households have debts, although most usually pay off regularly.

In turn, data from the GFIC report of the Economic Information Bureau of October 2017 show that 1.8 million Poles have 3 million past due debts.


Do such people have a chance to get a loan from a bank or non-bank company?


What are the terms of loans for those in debt?

What are the terms of loans for those in debt?


Adolescence, Polish citizenship, online identity verification, possession of a mobile phone in the Polish network and submission of a loan application are the basic conditions that must be met to obtain a non-bank loan for those in debt. 


Banks refuse to grant the loan in accordance with the recommendations of the Financial Supervision Commission, banks and cooperative savings and credit unions are required at every request of the customer credit check its data in the Credit Information Bureau – GFI.


The office collects data not only of indebted people who are late with repayment of loans or credits but also of reliable borrowers.

Therefore, if the history of GFI is positive, it will speed up the issuing of a positive credit decision.


However, if the GFI report and scoring indicates that the customer is in debt and does not pay its liabilities in a timely manner, you cannot count on the bank or GFIC credit.


An opportunity as part of the non-bank loan offer



Indebted individuals have the option of obtaining a loan outside the banking system. There is no shortage of loan offers without GFI in the network, which is granted even to those who have a bad credit history.

This is good information for those who do not have a permanent job or receive irregular pay and have bad entries in GFI about late repayment of loan installments.


A non-bank loan can be taken online without visiting the lender’s headquarters. Documents are sent quickly by e-mail or courier for signature, and the loan is paid out within a dozen or so minutes of submitting the loan application.


The conditions that must be met to receive such funding include the following guidelines:


at least 18 years old, and often a loan company requires 20 or 21 years of age,

possession of Polish citizenship and place of residence in Poland,

having a bank account in a Polish bank, registered in your own name,

having a mobile number.


After meeting these conditions, you can take out a non-bank loan if the customer verification his identity, e.g. by verification transfer to the lender’s account. In some loan companies, it is possible to get the first free loan for new customers.

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